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Phishing attacks are increasingly commonplace with a variety of sophisticated phishing attacks deployed against organisations. The contemporary phishing attack is increasingly targeted and complex with the capability to almost perfectly mimic authentic engagements. According to cyber security reports 91% of breaches start from spear phishing with a global average cost of $4 million per organisation breached.

Engaging users in phishing prevention empowers them to handle phishing emails effectively reducing potential business impacts. With over 93% of phishing emails containing encrypted ransomware it is imperative for employees to be educated on how to recognise and manage a phishing attack.

Aquion works with PhishMe to provide a comprehensive phishing security solution. While many solutions can provide phishing simulation training, PhishMe provides the only phishing security suite which can provide complete coverage against phishing threats. PhishMe Simulator works in conjunction with PhishMe Reporter, PhishMe Triage and PhishMe Intelligence to ensure employees are educated and IT teams have the tools and skills to manage incoming phishing threats.

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