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Darktrace Autonomously Detects and Responds to Cyber-Threats that Others Miss

Founded in 2013, Darktrace uses proprietary AI algorithms to autonomously defend against threats to the IT environment. By analysing the existing IT environment Darktrace can distinguish between normal and abnormal activity for each individual user on the network. Once abnormal is detected Darktrace can autonomously respond to stop or slow down threats providing valuable time for IT security teams to respond.

Using a variety of connectors and sensors Darktrace can provide complete real-time visibility over IT infrastructure ranging from virtualised environments, OS cloud environments and cloud applications. With a variety of output connectors available such as SIEM dashboards, SOC environments and more Darktrace can always provide critical information at the right place and time.

With major clients across the world in financial services, government, healthcare and more, Darktrace has established a proven track record of providing threat defence alongside reliable service.

Darktrace has created an ecosystem of tools to ensure organisations have complete protection from detection and visualisation through to remediation. Please see our product briefs below to find out how Darktace can protect the contemporary IT environment.


  • Darktrace – The flagship threat detection and defence tool from Darktrace powered by machine learning and probabilistic mathematics.
  • Darktrace Threat Visualiser – Easily visualise in real-time with a graphical summary of daily network activity and threat alerts.
  • Darktrace Industrial – Threat detection and defence for operational technologies such as SCADA.
  • Darktrace Antigena – Automated threat remediation ranging from stopping or slowing down threats, quarantining affected assets or individuals and marking content such as emails for further examination.
  • Darktrace vSensors – Captures all inter-VM traffic ensuring comprehensive visibility of all virtualised network traffic.
  • Darktrace OS-Sensors – Extend Darktrace into cloud-based environments such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform
  • Cloud Connectors – Extend Darktrace into cloud-based offerings such as salesforce, box and Dropbox.

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