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Ordr Webinar – May 23rd 2019

Medical Device Security Webinar

Thursday 23rd May 2019

10:00am AEST

What you will learn

Join us as you learn how Ordr can:

  • Identify, classify, track and locate inventory
  • Watch communications to and from devices and spot anomalies
  • Identify assets that are exposed to weaknesses and risks
  • Restrict transactions and segment devices in the network easily
  • Use business intelligence to track usage

What is Ordr?

Medical devices are typically insecure, and many cannot be discretely secured. Protecting them by patching manually and using network segmentation is untenable as many hospitals have thousands of devices (up to 3.5 per bed) and don’t know what, where, or how secure they are. Or what they can securely communicate with.

Tracking inventory, uncovering which have MFG/FDA/MDS2 issues and checking if new software patches are needed, is a highly manual process that Ordr automates.

This is truly no-touch, agentless protection for business-critical assets.

We are Aquion

Innovative and emerging vendors have chosen to partner with Aquion to enter the Australasian marketplace since 2000.

Our vendor-trained sales and technical professionals have established beachheads for major Cyber security vendors in Oceania.

Our technical consultants have delivered business critical software solutions to manage monitor and secure Banks, Insurance, Telco, Government, and Healthcare enterprises.

Our procurement services and software annuities teams have the sourcing and licensing knowledge to assist businesses to get the right software on time.

Companies that we have worked with

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