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Application Security

Application Security

Secure coding, Dynamic and Static Testing, Pen Testing and Bug Bounties

Over 10 years experience

Application security helps identify, fix and prevent security vulnerabilities in any kind of software application. Aquion recognised the importance of Application Security over a decade ago. We promoted a Web Vulnerability Scanner solution. Today the market favours an end-to-end approach to Application Security. Aquion’s Application Security offerings have expanded to meet market requirements and demands.

Solutions from market Leaders for the whole Software Development Lifecycle

Aquion offers software and services from a number of leading vendors including Veracode, Rapid7 and Bugcrowd, to assist teams in the delivery and running of secure applications through the entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

We can provide advice on technologies and services available to secure your development and business environments regardless of the point in the SDLC that you wish to start.

Write secure code, dynamic and static scanning

From teaching developers how to write secure code, through to code scanning and finally ensuring that your live applications are (security) bug free. Aquion supplies solutions to assist with every stage of the development cycle and beyond.

Leading On-Going Security of Applications

Aquion supports a variety of tools and processes to aid security testing of live applications.

If Application Security is a concern Aquion can help. Speak with one of our Business Development Managers today.


Rapid7 InsightAppSec delivers powerful application security with intuitive workflows, contemporary UI and easy deployment. Universal Translator provides extensive coverage across modern web applications and APIs with intuitive security presets.


With its powerful combination of automation, process and speed, Veracode seamlessly integrates application security into the software lifecycle, effectively eliminating vulnerabilities during the lowest-cost point in the development/deployment chain.


Protect your application containers and more with Twistlock, the security tool of choice for Docker, Kubernetes and Beyond. Next generation technology requires next generation security, Twistlock has the capability to secure the entire cloud native stack.


Join a community of over sixty thousand researchers and white-hat hackers to provide optimal penetration testing for your applications. Bugcrowd can manage or allow you to manage effective bug-bounty programs, a highly recommended application security standard.


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