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Data Security

Data Security

Personal and Business Data – On Premise or In The Cloud

Solutions to comply with the Australian Privacy Act

Whether you need to comply with the Australian Privacy Act, EU GDPR, or plain don’t want your data exploited, Aquion has the expertise and solutions to help. Corporate data must remain secure in transit and at rest, while accessible to the right people. This requires well-planned procedures and processes to ensure that data is both mobile and secure at the same time. Aquion technologies that support data security include tools to identify, and classify data. We also provide software to enforcing, managing, and monitoring policies that promote data loss prevention (DLP)  and support a security program for organisations that take advantage of cloud infrastructure and applications (CASB).

Over 15 years of expertise and experience

Aquion has been active in Data Security since 2002 when we collaborated with PGP Corporation to supply encryption to our ANZ customers. Sensitive data in emails, documents and databases reside on internal infrastructure, and now increasingly in the cloud. Data is in transit, person to person and machine to machine. Criminals use progressively complex attack methods to access and exfiltrate corporate data. Aquion has extensive data security solutions knowledge, backed by real-world experience.

Providing solutions to financial, government and more at scale

We have provided secure email solutions, major secure managed file transfer infrastructure, and data classification solutions to financial institutions, government, and other highly secure organisations.

We can discuss options for an effective and scalable data security solution, no matter the size of your organisation.

With the new Australian Data Laws coming into effect February 2018, it is now more important than ever to ensure your organisation is secure and compliant. Speak with our Business Development Managers to learn how today.


Boldon James are Data Classification specialists with tools to both automatically or manually classify data.  Data Classification ensures data remains well managed and protected reducing risk exposure and increasing data regulation and compliance.


Bitglass is a Gartner featured CASB with providing unparrelled cloud security to meet all critical CASB requirements. Cloud security is an imperative part of the contemporary IT security suite especially with data being moved into the cloud with unprecedented pace.


Organisations protect the sensitive documents they are aware of, however, there are often many out-of-sight documents that are unprotected and at risk of falling into the hands of outsiders and hackers. DocAuthority addresses and solves this threat by automatically discovering and accurately identifying unprotected sensitive documents, thus enabling a broad yet business-friendly security policy.


Aquion is proud to represent Globalscape the market leader in providing secure, modular and scaleable automated machine and human instigated data transfer solutions. Globalscape has an on premise, cloud or hybrid option to meet your needs today and tomorrow.


StealthBits provides visibility across data and provides a bridge between data security and operations. StealthBits has solutions which identify potential threats helping to improve data security and reduce risk. Manage and organise data with StealthBits.


Aquion is a Symantec Gold Partner specialising in access, encryption, data leakage protection, proxy and CASB solutions. Symantec security and management solutions ensure that information, infrastructure and processes can be protected, managed and controlled.


Veriato specialises in providing insight and actionable intelligence into the activities and behaviours of users: employees, contractors, and those who seek to steal their credentials. Veriato boasts the most widely deployed and used employee monitoring solution in the world.

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