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From Identity and Secure Access to Biometric Identity


Crossmatch, makers of Digital Persona, are leaders in easy to use and integrate fingerprint biometric scanning devices along with the supporting software. Digital Personal can be implemented in scale remarkably easily and provides organisations to go beyond traditional authentication methods. Traditional authentication methods such as passwords rely heavily on employees to remain compliant to be successful. This includes measures such as effective password hygiene.

Ensuring employees remain compliant is often enforced by numerous inconvenient policies such as 30-day password policies. Digital Persona provides organisations with the tools to enforce security without increasingly complexed policies while remaining secure against evolving threat environments.

Digital Persona leverages tools readily available to employees from swipe-cards to fingerprints and even geo-location. Security teams can enforce multiple authentication factors depending on the level of security needed for the situation.

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Digital Persona Fingerprint Reader

Go beyond two-factor and multifactor authentication.

Fingerprint readers provide organisations with the opportunity to solve identity management challenges using biometrics. Digital Persona is used by over 200 million individuals across 80 countries proving the effectiveness and reliability of their technologies. Readers support a range of certifications from FBI, STQC and many more ensuring organisations remain compliant with both internal and external expectations.

Crossmatch offers fingerprint readers in optical and silicon format, each with their own strengths. Optical readers provide a larger capture area however this makes them slightly larger than their silicon counterparts. Silicon readers provide a lighter, lower profile and smaller footprint making them a good choice when space is at a premium.


Key Features Benefits
Government Certified Fingerprint Readers Secure and Compliant for Commercial Use

All readers comply with several international specifications from FBI, PIV, IQS, Mobile ID certifications and more.


Available for Multiple Commercial Applications Meets Customer Requirements in all Situations

Whether customers have basic requirements or require readers to use in harsh environments, Crossmatch manufactures a wide range of readers to suit all customer needs.

Connects via USB Plug and Play Deployment

With compatibility with USB 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0, Digital Persona Fingerprint Readers are easy to deploy and use.

Crossmatch ArcID Identity Management Platform

ArcID was created around four core independently deployable modules, pre-enrolment, enrolment, store & forward and identity management. Each of these modules provide an additional layer of identify management from collection with Pre-enrolment module to administration with Identity Management module. Deploying additional modules enables a higher level of interactivity between IT security and user identity management resulting in increased visibility in employee activity.

With independently deployable modules ArcID lets the user decide what is important providing adaptable workflows and robust decision-making functionality. ArcID ensures that IT security has access to identity information they require at any time by providing visibility, management and audit capabilities.


Key Features Benefits
Four Modular Cores Only Deploy Required Features

With four core modules capable of operating both independently and in unison with one another, ArcID provides flexibility in deployment and use.

Visibility Across Identity Lifecycle Access to Identity Records when Required

ArcID provides an overview across employee identity, e.g. when the user registers, activity, e.g. as when a secure door is opened and transactions, e.g. when identity records are used in specific workflows.

On-Premise or CloudO Deployment Flexibility

Available as either on-premise or cloud solution ArcID provides flexibility to meet operational and budgetary requirements.

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