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Artificially Intelligent Endpoint Security

Recognising the need for an alternative to signature-based desktop anti-malware, Aquion signed as Cylance’ first reseller partner in the Australian and New Zealand marketplace. As an original Cylance advocate, Aquion has some of the most experienced and well-trained Technical Consultants and Business Development Managers in the region. Our consultants have deployed Cylance in some of the largest enterprise organisations in the ANZ region. Aquion was Cylance Inc. ANZ Partner of the Year 2016.

Using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, Cylance develops software to provide proactive, advanced threat protection and anti-malware on the desktop.

Although only recently founded in 2012 Cylance has quickly become a premier provider of next generation endpoint security solutions by preventing malware from executing.

Aquion has sold Cylance to customers in the retail, policing, government and financial services verticals – to customers who see sound end point protection as a vital part of their overall strategy.



Artificially Intelligent Endpoint Security

CylancePROTECT represents the next generation of AntiVirus (AV) security preventing an unprecedented amount of malware never achieved by an AV. Customers choose Cylance when they’re looking for an effective, simple and high-performance anti-malware they can trust to protect their organisations.

By leveraging its AI based threat defence CylancePROTECT does not require frequent updating and can defend against the latest malware threats even without internet access or software updates. The lightweight agent consumes 1-3% of PC processing power, substantially less than traditional endpoint security tools.

Learn more on our CylancePROTECT product page.



Prevent. Detect. Respond.

Attackers are constantly improving their methods and capacity to damage critical organisational infrastructure. Security teams must keep security practices up to date through threat hunting and strategic security improvements. Unfortunately, many security teams are overwhelmed with data and the need to maintain business continuity resulting in aging security practices.

CylanceOPTICS leverages AI to deliver a powerful hassle-free Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) platform that is integrated with CylnacePROTECT. While many EDRs incur significant infrastructure costs CylanceOPTICS stores data locally on each endpoint reducing costs and minimising risk associated with moving data to cloud.


Key Features Benefits
Context Analysis Engine (CAE) No Cloud /Network Connection Required

The CAE is able to make intelligent decisions with zero reliance on a network/cloud connection. Monitor multiple suspicious behaviours without potential performance impacts.

Root Cause Analysis Improved Security Posture

On-demand root cause analysis empowers security teams to take advantage of blocked malicious activity. All blocked event data is sent back to the cloud-based web console for in-depth review.

Smart Threat Hunting with InstaQuery (IQ) Accessible Threat Hunting

InstaQuery enables security teams of all skill levels to perform complexed threat hunting. Gain deep insights into organisational endpoint activity in a matter of minutes.

Fast Incident Response Minimise Incident Fallout

With several built-in incident response options CylanceOPTICS enables security teams to respond efficiently with urgency. Options include analysing suspicious files, global quarantine of items and endpoint lock-down.

Distributed Search and Collection Reduced Data Storage Costs

CylanceOPTICS selectively performs forensic data collection resulting in greatly reduced data storage costs. Stored data typically comes to 1GB/Endpoint equating to approximately 10 days of activity on high-use endpoints.

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