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Rapid7 InsightVM

Rapid7 InsightVM

Live Vulnerability Management and Endpoint Analytics

Inspired by Rapid7 Nexpose, InsightVM represents the evolution of Vulnerability Mangement by leveraging the latest in analytics and endpoint security technology. Organisations can rely on Rapid7 InsightVM to provide constant real-time feedback on their vulnerabilities. InsightVM empowers organisations to track and discover vulnerabilities while evaluating priority of importance to your business and whether exposure has been managed.

Effective Vulnerability Management requires security teams to have complete real-time oversight on the status of their environments. InsightVM Live Monitoring provides IT security teams with fresh data and granular risk scores associated to each vulnerability. This enables teams to respond to areas of concern in real-time instead of relying on lists of old scan alerts with CVSS scores.


Key Features Benefits
Threat Exposure Analytics Autonomous Vulnerability Management

Automatically collect, monitor and analyse your network for new and existing risk ensuring your security has the right information to secure your infrastructure efficiently.

Continuous Endpoint Monitoring Complete Oversight

Agents automatically collects data across all endpoints, remote workers and sensitive assets which cannot be actively scanned meaning your security information always has complete oversight of your infrastructure.

Liveboards Dynamic Dashboard

InsightVM Liveboards are always live and interactive enabling your security team to have the latest and most relevant information on hand at any time.  Users are free to customise their Liveboards to suit their desired workflow from CISO to Sysadmin.

Remediation Workflow Increase System Uptime

Remediation Workflows enable security teams to assign and track remediation duties in real time ensuring visibility into issue management.  With automatic ticket assignment and precise data included, security teams can be more focused and productive.

Real Risk Score Precise Feedback

InsightVM has moved away from standard 1-10 scale which often result in thousands of “critical” vulnerabilities.  Instead, InsightVM uses a scale of 1-1000 enabling precision Risk Scores and empowering security teams to prioritise truly critical issues.

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