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Solarwinds Orion NPM

Solarwinds Orion NPM

Reduce Network Outages and Improve Performance

Detect, diagnose and resolve network performance problems and outages with ease and speed using Solarwinds NPM. With multi-vendor suppor, cloud & on-premise support and an easily scalable solution for organisations of any size, Solarwinds NPM provides continuous ROI whichever direction organisations choose to pursue.

Solarwinds is proudly designed and built by veteran network and systems engineers providing a solution which is ready to meet the demands of modern IT network infrastructure environments. While simple to use Solarwinds NPM provides a powerful suite of tools to meet the requirements of organisations of all types and sizes reducing downtime and increasing productivity.


Key Features Benefits
Multi-Vendor Network Monitoring Increased Network Up-Time

Multi-vendor support enables speed trouble shooting, increased service levels and increased uptime providing increased productivity across the organisation.

NetPath Critical Path Visualisation Fast Issue Remediation

Critical path hop-by-hop analysis on-premise and in the cloud enables IT teams to discover the root cause of network issues.  This allows faster remediation of issues discovered in the network.

Performance Analysis Dashboard

Easily Analyse Network Performance Metrics

Cross-stack network data correlation combined with intuitive drag-and-drop network performance metrics on a common timeline allow for easy data analysis to identify network issues.

Intelligent Alerts

Reduce Redundant Alerts

Solarwinds NPM supports both simple and complexed nested trigger conditions, defined parent/child dependencies and network topology to reduce unnecessary network alerts. Use pre-made alerts to further increase deployment speed.

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