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Aquion partners identify the latest victim of cryptojacking: Tesla

March 1, 2018 | by Aquion

As stealing compute power becomes more lucrative than stealing data, we are beginning to see a cryptojacking epidemic. The latest victim: Tesla.

RedLock’s CSI researchers discovered the Tesla issue working under the auspices of the Tesla bug bounty program which is managed by bugcrowd. The hackers had infiltrated a Kubernetes console owned by Tesla and were leveraging compute resources within its environment for crypto mining. The attack was subtle and sophisticated.

Why did Aquion choose to partner with RedLock?

Aquion has identified that Cloud Security will be a number one concern for Australian customers in 2018. With so many of our customers relying on AWS and Azure, clearly the need to secure these environments is a major concern. Customers recognize that the need for Configuration Management across the enterprise now extends to the cloud, and that contextual information is required to make sure that the cloud is in fact secure.

Aquion partnered with RedLock as their API-driven platform helps cloud adopters by managing security and compliance risks across cloud environments – in a single view and without impeding the speed of DevOps.
RedLock continuously monitors cloud configurations, user behaviour, and network traffic and combines this with vulnerability data, threat intelligence, and anomaly detection to identify risks in cloud environments. RedLock dramatically streamlines the processes of remediating misconfigurations, incident response, forensics, and compliance reporting.

Why did Aquion chose to partner with bugcrowd?

Aquion collaborated with bugcrowd in late 2017, partly due to the recognised shortage of skilled Information Security professionals and because customers expressed an issue with the high ongoing costs of penetration testing programs.

Bugcrowd’s bug bounty program is used by many household names like Facebook and Atlassian. Aquion is helping Australian customers understand and embark on bug bounty programs to improve the security of core business applications.

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