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Moving to the cloud, or already there? Securing the new infrastructure, priority number one for Melbourne organisations.

 Feb 9, 2018 | by Audrey Lyon


Greg Abel and I have returned to the office after meeting customers, large and small, in Melbourne. While Aquion has been working with Melbourne customers for years, Greg is establishing our Melbourne presence, moving there in March this year.

We met with over 20 corporate and enterprise security executives and there was a resounding interest in solving issues around Cloud Security.

There was a real concern that native security offered within, for example AWS, isn’t enough for their organisational requirements. Some individuals discussed the breaches at Equifax and Uber seeking information.

Australia’s security managers appear to us to be getting ahead of the curve and are aware of the issues that they can face in the future, however they were not aware of options to address these problems.

We have started conversations around RedLock, a pioneer of cloud configuration and visibility, specifically created to address these weaknesses. Growing quickly in the US market, Redlock partnered with Aquion in late 2017 to enter the Australia and New Zealand marketplaces. With a strong history of bringing IT security innovators to the region, Aquion is already gaining significant interest not only in Melbourne but right across our client base. We are excited to be once again bringing a technology that will be critical and highly topical as more organisations adopt and leverage cloud environments.

BTW you might find this useful. RedLock’s researchers published “Cloud Security Trends +17 Tips to Fortify Your Public Cloud Computing Environment” in October 2017.

If you are interested in learning more about issues surrounding Cloud Security and how Aquion and RedLock might be able to help, let me know.


Serving as Aquion’s Chief Revenue Officer, Audrey has over 30 years of experience in local and multi-national businesses such as HP, IBM and BHP IT. Audrey is a long-term industry contributor and has held positions such as the Sydney Branch Chair and National Conference Director for AISA.


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