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Show me the money: Our partner CrowdStrike offers a $1M warranty with Falcon EPP Complete

June 7, 2018 | by Aquion

Product warranties to assure customers the products they purchase will function as advertised are common in most industries, this has not been true for cybersecurity. When a security product fails, customers have had little recourse — until now. CrowdStrike acts as the game changer yet again by offering customers a $1 million dollar warranty on their most comprehensive solution, CrowdStrike Falcon EPP Complete™. The warranty covers a range of expenses should EPP Complte fail to protect your organisation as expected and what’s more — it’s included with the solution at no charge.

CrowdStrike is so confident in Falcon EPP Complete’s breach protection capabilities that they have established a breach warranty of up to $1 million if a customer using EPP Complete experiences a breach within their protected environment that EPP Complete should have prevented. If a legitimate breach occurs, they’ve made the warranty easy to implement, without unachievable requirements or hidden caveats. And the beauty is that the warranty is included in the purchase price of the product. All new EPP Complete clients are eligible for this warranty.

If the warranty is triggered, it provides benefits that cover the following breach response expenses:  incident response, legal fees, notification, credit monitoring, forensic investigation and public communications expenses. Also, for customers who are developing an overall cyber risk management program that includes a balance between cyber risk mitigation and cyber risk transfer, Falcon EPP Complete is the ideal solution. If a Falcon EPP Complete customer experiences a breach, the breach prevention warranty transfers risk from the customer to CrowdStrike.

The benefits for customers are straight forward: The warranty provides an extra layer of protection at no additional cost. The combination of the efficacy and simplicity of EPP Complete with the CrowdStrike warranty gives customers ultimate peace-of-mind, relieving anxiety and financial loss if an unexpected breach occurs, and making the breach response process more convenient, efficient, and stress-free.

Read the Falcon EPP Complete Warranty Press Release


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