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Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Specialists in Contemporary, Innovative Cyber Security Technologies.

Aquion covers a wide range of Cyber Security technologies such as application, data and infrastructure security. Our scalable end-to-end security solutions cover Enterprise to SMB security and offer a flexible approach to securing IT environments.

Aquion has ANZ’s widest range of secure file and mail transfer solutions. We can help you classify and secure your data with data and email classification software and encryption. Our solutions address the requirements of PCI-DSS, SANS Top10, AGIMO, ISO 27001, and the overall security needs of any organisation regardless of size and complexity.

Supporting our solutions is the Aquion Technical Services team. Our team of highly skilled and vendor Certified Consultants assists customers with the selection and implementation of our security technologies.

Application Security

Application Security has been core to Aquion for over a decade helping our customers identify, fix and prevent security vulnerabilities. Aquion provides market leading solutions to secure the whole software development cycle from writing secure code to code scanning.

Data Security

Comply with the Australian Privacy Act and secure your data with Aquion. With over 15 years’ experience in Data Security Aquion represents leading Data Security technologies in Australia. Manage, monitor and secure critical data with Aquion.

Infrastructure Security

Aquion provides solutions to ensure IT infrastructure is optimally deployed and managed. From vulnerability and configuration management, to MFA, cloud configuration and more. Aquion has worked with Commercial and Government customers at scale.

Systems Management

Aquion has over a decades’ worth of experience implementing network and systems management solutions with leading provider Solarwinds. Aquion works with Solarwinds to implement complete enterprise ready solutions covering server, storage, virtualisation and more.

Technical Services

The Aquion Technical Services team is vendor trained and certified boasting extensive experience with software implementation and operation. Contact Aquion for a free security assessment and explore our capabilities.


Aquion specialises in new and innovative Cyber Security technologies looking after businesses today and tomorrow. View our curated selection of leading solution providers backed by the Aquion Technical Services team.