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Infrastructure Security

Infrastructure Security

Access Secure Infrastructure and Minimise Malware

New and innovative solutions

Customers rely on Aquion to assist with solutions to make sure the right people have access to secure and stable infrastructure.  We continue to grow and to refine our offerings, investigating new and innovative solutions to empower our customers, ensuring a contemporary infrastructure security environment.

We have a history of bringing strong partners to Australia including Rapid7 and Cylance. In 2018, we have partnered with leading Cloud Security vendor RedLock to further broaden our scope.

Securing cloud and on-premise infrastructure

Aquion has naturally expanded into cloud infrastructure security, while continuing to refine our on-premise security offerings.  Our long-term presence in the Infrastructure Security space has provided valuable experience across a wide variety of environments ranging from Enterprise to SMB and from Commercial to Government.

Manage and optimally deploy IT Infrastructure

Aquion provides solutions to ensure IT infrastructure is optimally deployed and managed. This includes vulnerability and configuration management, multi-factor authentication and access management, FTP server management and cloud configuration management solutions.

Supporting our Business Development Managers is the Aquion Technical Services team who provide their deep technical expertise to customers needing technical advice or solution implementation. Aquion’s Technical Consultants are vendor certified and work closely with our vendor partners to ensure relevant and up-to-date product knowledge.

Talk to our Business Development Managers to find out how we can secure and manage IT Infrastructure environments while ensuring relevant staff have access to the assets they require.

AlienVault Unified Security Management (USM) Anywhere protects critical IT infrastructure with its integrated suite of security tools. From assset discovery to vulnerability management, USM Anywhere provides faster reaction times and increased IT security.

Enhance infrastructure security with CensorNet Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). With support for SMS, apps email and more, Censornet MFA provides flexibilty security options to meet a wide array of infrastructure security requirements.

Cofense (PhishMe) is a comprehensive phishing security solution going above and beyond reporting and simulation. PhishMe is the only solution to provide phishing incident response and human-vetted phishing threat analysis.

CrowdStrike’s mission is simple: to stop breaches. The sophisticated attacks that are forcing the world’s leading businesses into the headlines cannot be solved with existing malware-based defences. Co-founders George Kurtz and Dmitri Alperovitch realised that a new approach was needed – one that combines the most advanced endpoint protection with expert intelligence to pinpoint the adversaries perpetrating the attacks, not just the malware.

Makers of leading biometrics security device Digital Persona, Crossmatch provides a easy to use and integrate biometric devices. Crossmatch empowers organisations to go beyond traditional authentication methods, increasing security without added complexity.

Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, Cylance provides endpoint security without traditional requirements such as hash matching. As the first Cylance partner in Australia, Aquion has the most experienced consultants to help your organisation.

Utilising sophisticated mathematical algorithms Darktrace autonomously defends against threats to IT infrastructure. Darktrace provides threat detection, visualisation and remediation across cloud and on-premise environments with its array of sensors and tools.

Take control of IT networks and minimise network maintenance costs with Infoblox. Infoblox povides a range of network service products to minimise overhead costs and increase network security and visibility.

Provide complete visualisation over IT Infrastructure with Paessler PRTG Network Monitor. Supporting technologies such as SNMP, SSH and more Paessler offers flexible monitoring and alerting from a single platform with support for both on-premise enivronments and cloud.

Effective security begins with visibility which is the core of Rapid7 solutions. Rapid7 offers a variety of solutions to cover all aspects of infrastructure security. As the first Rapid7 partner in Australia, Aquion has the regions most qualified technical and sales consultants.

Redlock provides complete visibility over cloud infrastructure and can dynamically adapt to changes to the cloud. Pre-built or customised guardrails can provide security in the DevOps environment without affecting speed and delivery capabilities.

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