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Network and Systems Management

Network and Systems Management

Monitor, Manage and Report on all Enterprise Infrastucture

Over a decade working with network and systems management

Aquion has spent over a decade working alongside leading network and systems management software provider Solarwinds. Our technical consultants have had the opportunity to work across a wide variety of environments and customer requirements. Aquion technical consultants have architected and deployed global installations of Solarwinds providing detailed and complex reporting for all levels within organisations ranging from operations to senior executives.

Experienced Solarwinds implementors

As a long-time partner of Solarwinds, our consultants have grown alongside the vendor, as they have evolved from a network management provider through to server, application, virtualisation and storage management providers. Solarwinds now offers a complete package of enterprise ready solutions and is steadily displacing legacy systems from vendors such as HP and CA.

Multi-skilled technical consultants in a variety of industries

Aquion has implemented Solarwinds Orion in large enterprise infrastructure organisations ranging from mining to financial services, transportation leaders and more. We also have helped many smaller organisations who are unable to maintain high skill levels internally to further harness the power of Solarwinds.

Our experience and long-term relationship with Solarwinds make Aquion the premium provider of Solarwinds and Solarwinds services in Australia.

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Solarwinds provides a range of network and systems management solutions. As a Solarwinds partner of over a decade Aquion is proud to have some of the most experienced sales and technical consultants in the ANZ region.


Lansweeper consolidates all asset details in a centralised web-based, System of Record. It offers corporations complete visibility into their distributed IT environments, informing them which assets they own, where they are located, who is using them, and much more. 

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