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twistlockComprehensive Container Security for Teams using Docker, Kubernetes and other Cloud Native Technologies

Software containers offer a myriad of benefits to organisations significantly improving development team’s ability to work dynamically in a devops environment. Just like virtual machine environments, containers come with inherent security risks which can present severe repercussions to organisations who do not manage them. Twistlock provides customers with a comprehensive security suite ensuring development is secure while remaining agile.

Optimised for DevOps teams, Twistlock ensures that development speed remains optimal by delivering zero-touch security. Instead of locking down the environment Twistlock will learn expected behaviour from applications allowing Twistlock to create environment specific behaviour models.

From container-aware firewalls to active threat protection, incident response and more, Twistlock provides the tools to protect the entire application lifecycle in a centralized platform. Twistlock currently provides container security across Docker, Kubernetes and other cloud-native tools.


Key Features Benefits
Cloud and Container Adaptive Vulnerability Management Minimised Risk Unique to Specific Environments



Integrated vulnerability scanning into the continuous integration process minimising risk to containers, images and hosts. Find and fix issues before applications make it to production.

Machine Learning Powered Runtime Protection Automatically Threat Defence and Modelling



Powered by machine learning, Twistlock runtime defence secures networks, file systems, processes and system calls automatically.


Twistlock Compliance Explorer Enforce Compliance and Security Best Practices



Twistlock Compliance Explorer ensures peace of mind by enforcing compliance and security standards. With audit-ready reporting capabilities combined with granular enforcement, IT teams have complete control over their environment.

Cloud Native Firewalls Container Aware Automated Firewall Defence



Supporting layer-3 and layer-7 firewalls, Twistlock automatically learns how applications interact with the environment and uses this information to create maps and whitelists for legitimate traffic.

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