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Enterprise Security at the Speed of Software

Traditional cybersecurity is a slow and broken process, requiring security teams to manually create policies for software applications and rely on tools that attempt to catalogue and identify every known threat to block attacks. This approach doesn’t work in the modern world, where software is delivered faster than ever before, and the concept of infrastructure has dramatically changed.

Modern cybersecurity requires security platforms and practices that automatically build in security alongside applications as they’re built and shipped. Enter Twistlock end-to-end cloud native cybersecurity — full lifecycle, full stack protection for all cloud native workloads, from VMs, through containers, all the way to serverless.

Leaders in the Cloud Native Ecosystem

Twistlock built the authorisation framework in Docker and OpenShift and secrets management in Docker Swarm.

Twistlock CTO John Morello co-authored NIST SP 800-190, the Container Security Guide.

Twistlock was the security launch partner with leading platforms like AWS, Google, and Microsoft Azure for their container related solutions.

Why You Should Partner with Aquion


  • Aquion is Twistlock’s representative in Australia. Securing Containers and VMs and Serverless Architectures across application lifecycle requires a whole new language and approach for security professionals. With in-house technical consulting capabilities we are able to talk the developer’s language and help create a clear security strategy for your development process.


Whitepaper: Cloud Native Security

What It Means, Why It’s Hard and How to Achieve It

Executing on NIST SP 800-190

Your guide to securing application containers and related ecosystem components.

A guide to The Proactive Paradigm

Learn how containers can revamp your approach to security

We are Aquion

Innovative and emerging vendors have chosen to partner with Aquion to enter the Australasian marketplace since 2000.

Our vendor-trained sales and technical professionals have established beachheads for major Cyber security vendors in Oceania.

Our technical consultants have delivered business critical software solutions to manage monitor and secure Banks, Insurance, Telco, Government, and Healthcare enterprises.

Our procurement services and software annuities teams have the sourcing and licensing knowledge to assist businesses to get the right software on time.

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