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twistlockAutomated, integrated, and built for scale, Twistlock provides comprehensive container security for teams using Docker, Kubernetes, and other cloud native technologies.

Containers offer a myriad of benefits to organisations significantly improving development team’s ability to work dynamically in a devops environment. Just like virtual machine environments, containers come with inherent security risks which can present severe repercussions to organisations who do not manage them. Twistlock provides a complete, enterprise-grade security platform for the cloud native ecosystem, so organizations can securely adopt and maximize the security benefits of containers across the entire production environment.

As companies move to containers and the cloud native ecosystem, an opportunity exists for stronger cyber security than ever before. By seamlessly integrating across the application delivery life cycle, Twistlock learns expected application behavior, and uses machine learning to model this behavior and automatically create and enforce whitelist based runtime protection and firewalling. This automated approach to security not only reduces the workload on security teams, but by profiling every application and flagging any anomalous behavior, ultimately delivers better security than ever before.

Key Features:

Runtime Defense: Machine-learning powered runtime protection to secure your entire environment.

Vulnerability Management: Active scanning across the container lifecycle, from the CI process to registries to production servers.

Cloud Native Firewalls: Continuous threat monitoring and defense for your entire environment.

Compliance: Native support for CIS Benchmarks, templates for HIPAA, PCI, and GDPR compliance and custom policy creation via XCCDF.

CI Integration: Full API integration and plugins for tools your developers already use to deliver software at speed.


Key Features Benefits
Automated Advanced threat intelligence and machine learning capabilities deliver automated policy creation, runtime protection, and firewalling.  As soon as code is built and deployed, Twistlock automatically acts based on your compliance state.
Integrated From CI/CD, to SIEM, to access control and secrets management, Twistlock integrates with the tools your developers use to deliver software and the tools your security teams already leverage for protection – the necessary combination of speed and visibility for today’s enterprises.
Scalable Twistlock runs in any environment, be it bare metal, public cloud, or anything in between.  Twistlock supports all leading cloud providers and operating systems.  Built for the world’s enterprises – Twistlock is engineered to automatically scale up and down as your environment and applications do.

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