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Unlock the Future of Cybersecurity with BlackBerry

BlackBerry is a pioneer in the dynamic cybersecurity landscape, offering cutting-edge products meticulously crafted to elevate Australian businesses. BlackBerry is TRUSTED by governments and enterprises to defend their interests and enable hybrid workforces while reducing complexity.  

Why BlackBerry?

1. Security at the CORE

Security isn’t an afterthought; it’s the foundation of everything BlackBerry does. Their products are meticulously engineered with industry-leading security measures powered by the most advanced cybersecurity AI technology – Cylance®AI, providing an impregnable shield against evolving cyber threats.

2. Innovative Mobility Solutions

Synonymous with mobility, BlackBerry empowers your business to thrive in any environment. Whether your business is in the office or remote, their products securely enable seamless connectivity and productivity.

3. End-to-end encryption for Peace of Mind

Your communications deserve the highest level of privacy. BlackBerry ensures this with end-to-end encryption, securing your messages, files, and calls.


Tailored Products for Your Business

1. CylanceENDPOINT – Defend your endpoints automatically and everywhere

CylanceENDPOINT™ provides battle-proven AI-based analysis and advanced threat detection. It uses behavioural and sensor-based telemetry that can reveal even advanced persistent threats and stealthy supply chain attacks and provide the means to contain more threats earlier in the attack chain while reducing alerting noise.

2. BlackBerry UEM – Foundationally harden devices and apps while enabling secure collaboration

BlackBerry® UEM securely enables productivity with unified endpoint management (UEM) and policy control for an organisation’s diverse and ever-changing fleet of devices using the broadest available choice of enterprise-ready and critical apps.

3. BlackBerry® AtHoc® – Response smarter, faster and better

Critical event management solution combines a secure emergency notification system with incident response tools and capabilities—so you can quickly deploy your response teams and enable them to better prepare for, respond to, and recover from critical events faster.

4. SecuSUITE® – Encryted voice and messaging

Certified to meet the highest security requirements, SecuSUITE protects against threats to enterprise and local and national security by enabling secure communications on conventional mobile devices.

Aquion – Your Trusted BlackBerry Partner in Australia

Integrating BlackBerry into your business seamlessly with Aquion, Blackberry’s trusted partner in Australia. Our expertise ensures a smooth transition, maximising the benefits of BlackBerry products in your unique environment.

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