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66% of experienced developers prefer Ubuntu.

That’s why Ubuntu supports the fastest, biggest and most successful digital operations.

Why Choose Canonical Ubuntu?

1. Proven Stability and Reliability

Ubuntu is renowned for its rock-solid stability and reliability, making it a preferred choice for enterprises and developers. With long-term support (LTS) releases, you get five years of guaranteed security updates and maintenance.

2. Robust Security

Ubuntu offers advanced security features, including AppArmor, data encryption, and regular security patches. Canonical’s commitment to security ensures your systems are protected against the latest threats.

3. Open Source and Free

Ubuntu is completely open-source and free to use. Benefit from the transparency and community-driven innovation of open-source software without any licensing fees.

4. Extensive Ecosystem and Community Support

With a vibrant community and a rich ecosystem of applications and tools, Ubuntu provides extensive support for developers and IT professionals. Access a wealth of tutorials, forums, and resources to help you get the most out of Ubuntu.

5. Cloud and IoT Ready

Ubuntu is optimized for cloud and IoT environments, supporting major cloud platforms like AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. It is also the leading OS for IoT devices, providing a secure and flexible foundation for your projects.

6. Developer-Friendly Environment

Ubuntu offers a powerful and versatile development environment. With support for multiple programming languages, integrated development environments (IDEs), and development tools, Ubuntu accelerates your development workflow.

7. Compatibility and Versatility

Ubuntu is highly compatible with a wide range of hardware and software. Whether you’re setting up a server, desktop, or virtual machine, Ubuntu adapts seamlessly to your needs.

8. Canonical Support and Services

Leverage Canonical’s professional support services for enterprise-grade assistance. From technical support to consulting and training, Canonical provides the expertise you need to succeed with Ubuntu.

9. Cutting-Edge Technologies

Stay ahead with the latest technologies and innovations. Ubuntu regularly integrates new features and updates, ensuring you have access to the latest advancements in software and hardware.

10. User-Friendly Interface

Ubuntu’s intuitive and user-friendly interface makes it accessible to both beginners and experienced users. Enjoy a seamless and productive experience with Ubuntu’s modern desktop environment.


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