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Powerful Threat Detection and Incident Response for All Your Critical Infrastructure

Protect critical infrastructure with AlienVault USM Anywhere which combines asset discovery, vulnerability management, intrusion detection, behavioural monitoring, SIEM, log management and continuous threat intelligence.  All of these features will combine under one unified security platform saving your organisation time and money.

USM Anywhere empowers security teams to investigate and react to threats faster without the burden of correlating data from multiple security products.


Key Features Benefits
Centralised Security Monitoring Eliminate Security Blind Spot

Use USM to monitor both your cloud and on-premise landscapes. USM natively monitors a wide variety of environments ranging from AWS to VMware and many more eliminating blind spots and increasing shadow IT awareness.

Automated Response Orchestration Work More Efficiently

Make AlienVault work for you by automating routine actions and responses.

Powerful Security Analytics Efficient Searching and Analysis

Having a centralised security monitoring solution requires an efficient searching tool. AlienVault provides an intuitive and flexible interface to search and investigate security related data.

Built natively in the Cloud for the Cloud Enhanced Controls over Cloud Security

Enhanced Controls over Cloud Security
Being natively built into the cloud enables AlienVault to leverage specialised public cloud security enhancements. Direct hooks into cloud APIs provide richer data sets and increased control over cloud security all within minutes after installation.

Advanced Graph-based Analytics Engine Analyse Security Faster

Act faster with USM Anywhere which takes a new approach to SIEM event correlation enabling faster, more efficient, flexible and effective security analysis.