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Next-Gen CASB Zero-Day Protection

Founded in 2013 with a focus on cloud security, Bitglass enables organisations to embrace the cloud while maintaining security integrity. Bitglass is the only visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quardrant for Clouad Acess Security Brokers (CASB) in 2017. Additionally, Bitglass is uniqely able to deliver on all critical CASB requirements such as ShadowIT discovery, unmanaged & managed application control, malware protection, agentless proxy and agentless mobile security.

Secure data and apps in the cloud on any device wherever they may be. Bitglass assists with the management, security and zero-day protection against cloud security vulnerabilities. Bitglass is a Multi-Protocol Zero-Day Security CASB which ensures protection from potential data leaks, malware threats, managed & unmanaged apps and managed & unmanaged devices. Bitglass uses a patent pending machine learning approach to identify and learn application behaviours and leakage paths enabling Bitglass to increase in efficiency over time

Working in the cloud can bring unprecedented flexibility, cost savings and more. When executed safely organisations can work with increased pace and productivity. Speak with our Business Development Managers to learn more about Bitglass Next-Gen CASB and how it can empower your organisation in the cloud.


Key Features Benefits
Agentless Proxy Real-time Traffic Proxy

Gain insight into both managed and unmanaged devices.  Use the in-built Bitglass DLP to detect sensitive data and enable remediation actions enabling organisations to extend access safely.

Malware Protection with predictive AI Detect and Stop the Spread of Malware and Ransomware

Full visibility into every transaction in every cloud application for both data-in-transit and data-at-rest.

Audit-Level Logging Actionable Security Intelligence

Proactively respond the suspicious behaviour by tying alerts and incidents directly to policy actions.

Shadow IT Discovery Identify High Risk Traffic Leaving Corporate Networks

Bitglass provides risk assessments to discovered applications using a proprietary ranking algorithm.  Use Bitglass to identify the riskiest cloud applications and users on the corporate network.

Integrated Identity Management Secure Authentication across all Cloud Apps

Securely authenticate users with SSO and two-factor authentication ensuring high-risk logins remain secure.  Bitglass supports multi-factor authentication for organisations requiring increased security.

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