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Continuous Crowdsourced Security Built for Enterprise

Power in numbers, is how Bugcrowd identifies vulnerabilities in businesses large and small providing managed crowdsourced security testing for web, mobile, infrastructure and more. Backed by a security research team of over sixty thousand strong and white-hat hackers across the globe, customers can manage their own private or public bug bounty programs or leave it to Bugcrowd.

Crowd sourced penetration testing has been shown to out perform traditional testing. Bugcrowd collects and orchestrates the collective creativity of the global security researcher community and delivers that creativity to the global market. Crowd testing provides scale and perspective unachievable by traditional methods.

Managing outsourced security programs is easy with Bugcrowd. Utilising both a powerful platform and a team of experts, Bugcrowd helps identify vulnerabilities in a cost-effective manner. As the local Australian representatives, Aquion can help you today.


Key Features Benefits
Greater Numbers Increased Pen-testing Efficiency

External security researchers and hackers will find vulnerabilities that an in-house team cannot find. Because of the size and competitiveness of the external community, vulnerabilities are found quickly.

Trained Specialists Targeted Expertise Across a Variety of Issues

The crowdsourced model allows for specialization which leads to better results.  In a large external community, each researcher/hacker can specialise methods or types of vulnerabilities, and all customers can benefit from this know-how.

Only Pay for Results Value for Money

Pen-testers only get paid for valid results, not for showing up. Cost only increases when more vulnerabilities are found eliminating potential for financial waste.

Discover Vulnerabilities Across Multiple Platforms Varied Vulnerability Expertise

There are a wide variety of skill-sets in the Bugcrowd bug bounty program ensuring broad spectrum pen-testing across a range of applications and platforms.

Success Driven Customer and Researcher Focused

Bugcrowd is the only bug bounty program that employs success teams across both customers and researchers ensuring both parties are satisfied with the program.

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