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Phishing Protection Across the Entire Organisation

Cofense provides the only phishing security solutions to go beyond simulation and reporting for a comprehensive security solution. Organisations can rely on Cofense to provide industry-proven behavioral conditioning simulations and to providing the associated metrics in simple, cost-effective reports. Cofense takes phishing security further with its unique Triage and Intelligence solutions.

Cofense Triage is the only phishing-specific incident response platform which allows IT security teams to prioritise, analyse and respond to phishing threats. Taking phishing security even further is Cofense Intelligence which features a team of security analysts who vet and analyse milions of messages daily. This information is consolidated and fed to IT security teams for use in security solutions or for deeper research and diagnostics.

Aquion is proud to work closely alongside Cofense and bring their market leading phishing security solutions to the ANZ region.

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Cofense PhishMe and Cofense Reporter

Employee Conditioning for Resiliency Against Phishing

Key Features Benefits
Immersive Training Exercises Improve Employee Awareness

Cofense PhishMe can significantly reduce employee susceptibility by more than 95% through real-world like simulations.

Simulate the Latest Attack Tactics Up-to-date Training

Keep your employees aware of the latest attack methods ensuring they are never caught off-guard in the event of a phishing attack.

Detailed Analytics Continuous Improvements

Tracking and reviewing analytics empowers security teams with the knowledge to continually reduce organisational susceptibility.

Customisable Content and Training Simulate a Broad Range of Attacks

From social engineering attacks to personalised spear phishing, customise campaigns to suit your organisations requirements. Use a pre-built template from PhishMe or create a scenario from scratch enabling full customisation.

Cofense Triage

Phishing Incident Response Platform

Key Features Benefits
Automated Identification, Remediation and Sharing of Threats Efficient Incident Response

Enjoy automated threat response with PhishMe Triage, the only phishing-specific incident response platform available. Equip your security team with the tools to work effectively.

Dashboard and Reporting Understand Your Attackers

Gain insight into the volume and attack methods reported by employees. Review attack trends to ensure your organisation is optimally protected.

Reporter Reputation Leverage Employees as Trusted Sources

Determine trusted sources within your organisation prioritising when your security team should investigate further. Users who consistently identify phishing emails correctly will receive a higher trust score.

Smart Clustering Improve Reporting Efficiency

By identifying commonalities across reports PhishMe substantially reduces the volume of reports empowering teams to better manage campaigns.

Escalations Share Actionable Threat Intelligence

Loop in upstream security teams with Notification manager ensuring the right individuals always have access to the right information.

Cofense Intelligence

Human-Vetted, Phishing-Specific Threat


Key Features Benefits
Threats vetted by Trained Analysts Reliable Threat Information

Receive phishing-specific threats vetted by real trained analysts to eliminate false positives from actionable lists.

Up-to-Date All the Time Be Aware of the Latest Phishing Trends

The Cofense team analyses millions of emails daily from a wide variety of sources. This information is used to identify new and emerging phishing and malware threats which is compiled into a report and delivered to your inbox

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