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Aquion has chosen to partner with DocAuthority due to their unique and wholistic approach to classifying and protecting unsecured documents that contain sensitive company information.

DocAuthority addresses all the important details that companies need to be aware of to successfully protect their data. The basic questions that every organisation needs to ask are:

  • What is our sensitive data?
  • Where is it?
  • Who can access it?
  • How much of it is protected?

Many existing solutions in the market are constantly failing on accuracy due to an inability to differentiate between sensitive and non-sensitive documents or identify sensitive documents at all. Inaccurate solutions alienate business users and may cause security projects to narrow down or even fail completely. This is where DocAuthority steps in.

The DocAuthority Difference – Competitive Comparison

ZeroEffort Setup:

The level of configuration required to get the product running. DocAuthority requires zero rule configuration to complete a scan (Unless we are limiting the amount of file ingestion) is only as good as it is current and is dependent on the vulnerability research team. As far as we are aware the rest of the competition have to import keywords or libraries of keywords.

File Groups (Powered by BusinessID™):

While competitive solutions passively scan files and folders, none are capable of making business context decisions and categorising the information into file groups. The BusinessID™ patent engine raises the bar in regard to data mapping and inventory. DocAuthority boasts greater than 99% automated business context accuracy.

SolrCloud Search Server:

While competitive solutions are built upon Microsoft SQL Server DocAuthority has decided to go with the Lucene powered SolrCloud. This approach means they are highly scalable and fault tolerant without the bottlenecks that Microsoft SQL provides. SolrCloud also provides the additional benefits of distributed indexing and search capabilities providing even greater functionality.

More accurate scanning:

DocAuthority takes public acceptance for being able to prove that their scanning technology (BusinessID and SolrCloud) is more accurate, robust, scalable whilst ultimately providing results faster than the competition.