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Actionable Network Intelligence

Infoblox empowers organisations to take control of their network providing capabilities to control, secure and analyse networks resources. As organisations scale so do infrastructure costs especially so in the network space with users often carrying multiple devices and using an increasing number of applications. The overhead costs of maintaining network infrastructure can scale excessively with this often introducing detrimental security risks to organisations.

Poorly run network solutions can lead to increased dependency on staff which has a flow-on effect of potential configuration errors. Customers in this situation usually suffer from lack of visibility in their network further increasing remediation time and overhead costs.

Infoblox provides the following core network service products to take control of networks.

  • DNS, DHCP & IPAM (DDI) – Easily manage DDI challenges using a single platform
  • Private Cloud / Virtualisation – Manage distributed virtual and cloud workloads
  • Public / Hybrid Cloud – Maximise cloud deployment value
  • Reporting and Analytics – Monitor, analyse and secure networks
  • Network Insight – Increase efficiency with a centralised view of network assets
  • DNS Traffic Control – Enhanced application availability and increased response times
  • IPAM for Microsoft – Manage core network services from a single platform

When it comes to network security Infoblox provides the following network protection tools not available in conventional security solutions and appliances.

  • DNS Firewall – Automated network malware protection
  • Threat Insight – Automated detection and prevention of data exfiltration with DNS-based analytics
  • Advanced DNS Protection – Defend against a wide range of DNS based threats.
  • ActiveTrust Cloud – Increased user protection whether on-premise or roaming.
  • ActiveTrust – Proactive defence against cyberattacks.

Infoblox can also assist with network automation turning data into actionable insights to boost performance, availability and efficiency across the network.

  • NetMRI – Easy, automated and streamlined network infrastructure management.