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Implement Effective Cloud Security Without Affecting Productivity

The inherent security and compliance risks involved with using cloud technologies present a pervasive issue made worse by the rapid onset of cloud solutions in many organisations. With the dynamic nature of the cloud and the multitude of cloud services and providers available it is expected that many IT teams struggle to implement effective security and compliance tools. It is important for organisations to take note of the inherit risks of using the cloud to ensure digital transformation is executed safely with risk potentials thoroughly mapped out and understood.

RedLock provides complete visibility of cloud infrastructure and can dynamically adapt to changes across organisational cloud infrastructure. Monitoring data across separate cloud instances from user activity to network traffic and vulnerability scans is made possible using RedLock ensuring risk exposure is continually monitored and managed.

Guardrails further ensure RedLock can manage cloud security in the DevOps environment without affecting the speed and delivery capabilities of the DevOps team. These guardrails are continuously monitored for violations by both existing and new workloads allowing the IT security team to respond appropriately to potential violations.


Key Features Benefits
Automated Monitoring Safe, Productive DevOps Team with No Security Compromises

Set guardrails for the DevOps teams with pre-packaged policies or custom policies for specific requirements. Empower the DevOps team to work safely in the cloud while continuing to deliver with speed and agility.

Cloud Forensics Pinpoint Vulnerabilities in the Cloud with Speed

RedLock’s deep penetration of cloud environments can significantly reduce remediation time. View time-serialised activity for any given workload while performing up and down stream impact analysis. Operate safer with less risk exposure.

Audit and Management Reporting Identify the Riskiest Users & Workloads and Run Reports for Relevant Stakeholders

Apart from producing comprehensive security and compliance reports across cloud environments RedLock also provides risk scores.  Scores are based on business risk, violations and anomalies. This ensures IT security teams have the knowledge to focus on reducing high risk infrastructure.

Comprehensive Visibility Discover, Map and Visualise the Entire Cloud Infrastructure

From user activity to network traffic data and more, RedLock provides IT security teams with complete visibility into their cloud environments. RedLock provides complete visibility to accurately and easily pinpoint risks with the ability to take in information from external sources such as vulnerability scanners and SIEMs

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