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Streamline IT management using one unified platform.

SolarWinds understand that you are the expert in your business. With the idea to provide a plethora of purpose-built products, SolarWinds aim to make your job easier. IT professionals, MSP’s and DevOps can all benefit from network, server, application, storage, virtualisation, cloud and development management products.

No matter if you are a one-man band or a large enterprise, SolarWinds can help you. SolarWinds work hard to constantly evolve their products, ensuring software is always on point and meets the needs of users. In turn, this works to help streamline your work and business by eliminating the complexity found in traditional software and services.

SolarWinds understand that time is money and your attention needs to be focused on other parts of the business. With that in mind, all products are designed with the user in mind and the end goal of helping you solve your toughest IT management problems.


Solarwinds Network Performance Manager

Reduce Network Outages and Improve Performance

Solarwinds NPM is an industry favourite network performance monitor providing a powerful but cost-effective solution to efficiently manage network performance. Boasting a feature rich tool-set Solarwinds NPM provides IT administrators with the flexibility to focus on network issues deemed important by the organisation. Learn more about Solarwinds NPM key features on our product page.

Solarwinds Network Configuration Manager

Save time and improve network reliability

The SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager helps to reduce configuration error by using standardised device configurations and deployment automation. Easily manage workflows while having the power to delegate work to others with roles and permissions. Alerts, configuration backup and rollback features allow you to easily improve network reliability.

Most importantly, Network Configuration Manager allows you to improve network security and compliance using automation and identity IOS vulnerabilities, upgrade firmware and audit device configs.


Key Features Benefits
Configuration Change Automation Simplify and standardise with the click of a button

SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager allows you to simplify recurring and/or complex configuration changes through single vendor neutral script. Scripts can be scheduled and performed on routers and switches on network devices such as Cisco, Juniper, HP & Dell.

Configuration Backup & Restore Recovery and restoration when you need it

Easily recover from a configuration change or device failure. SolarWinds Configuration Change Automation allows you to always have access to the latest device configuration archives.

Change Management Reduce mistakes and improve workflow

Prevent mistakes with the ability to review and approve proposed changes using integrated change approval workflow. Role and access permissions improve delegation and collaboration by giving you more control.

IOS Vulnerability Scanning Take network security seriously

Improve your network security by automatically identifying IOS vulnerabilities and easily upgrade IOS firmware.

Solarwinds IP Address Manager

Prevent costly errors with easy to use IP address management software.

Simplify DHCP, DNS and IP Address Management with the help of SolarWinds IP Address Manager. SolarWinds understand that networks are becoming larger and more complex, with the need for greater performance. To help combat this, IP Address Manager provides users with a centralised IP address management tool that works hand in hand with DHCP and DNS administration.

Allow your team to easily find available addresses and configure them on DHCP and DNS systems. Additionally, the platform allows you to prevent IP conflicts with powerful IPv4 and IPv6 address management.


Key Features Benefits
IPv4 and IPv6 Address Management Identify and Manage

IP Address Manager allows you to actively identify and manage IPv4 and IPv6 addresses while using active scanning to detect and track subnets along with associated address blocks.

Integrated DHCP and DNS Configuration Management Seamlessly Unify and Manage Services

SolarWinds IP Address Manager allows you to easily combine and manage all of your Microsoft Cisco and ISC open source DHCP servers, including BIND and Microsoft DNS servers.

Monitoring and Alerting Detect Issues Before They Become a Problem

IP Address Manager technology automatically detects and searches for IP address problems that can lead to network disruption.

API Support Create, modify and delete

Create, read, update and delete operations provide two-way integration with third-party software. This allows you to automate creation, modification and deletion of IP records.

Solarwinds User Device Tracker

Easily identify and locate users and devices on your network.

SolarWinds User Device Tracker helps you find users or a computer as well as track lost devices, all by searching for a username, IP address, hostname or MAC address. This tool allows you to manage risks and network access requirements associated with the rise of IP devices.

Stay in control of who is connecting to your network with automated user and device tracking as well as switch port management. User Device Tracker technology gives you the power to shut down a threat and take immediate action to alleviate any network performance issues.


Key Features Benefits
Local Network Devices Find What You Are Looking For with the Click of a Button

User Device Tracking allows you to manually track and locate missing and unknown devices. Quickly find devices and retrieve switch name, port, port description, VLAN, VRF data and vendor information faster than ever before.

Trace and Block Unauthorised Users Make rogue users a thing of the past

Locate unauthorised users easily. Identify, locate and block devices and users that do not belong on your network. Retrieve current and past connection information.

Map and Monitor Switch Ports Make better planning decisions

At a glance, discover switches operating at near capacity. This allows you to make better and more informed capacity planning and purchase decisions.

Network User and Device Watch List Keep better watch over devices and users

The ability to create a watch list by MAC address, IP address or hostname for wired and wireless devices gives you greater control over your network. Tag suspicious devices and receive alerts next time they try to connect to your network.

Solarwinds NetFlow Traffic Analyser

Analyse traffic and monitor bandwidth.

SolarWinds Netflow Traffic Analyzer allows you to boost your network traffic analysis abilities to give you clear visibility over your networks. A fully integrated platform that allows you to work seamlessly with Orion Platform products.

SolarWinds work hard to ensure the Netflow Traffic Analyzer meets the needs and wants of network and system engineers.


Key Features Benefits
Bandwidth Utilization Monitoring Easily monitor bandwidth at a glance

With bandwidth alerts, usage by application and usage by IP groups, SolarWinds Netflow Traffic Analyzer gives you all the information you need to keep on top of your bandwidth.

Network Traffic Monitoring and Forensics Monitor network traffic

The Netflow Traffic Analyzer dashboard provides comprehensive and customisable views of your network traffic. Easily identify potential problems and drill down into any element’s traffic to get further insights.

Flow-based Monitoring and Reporting Analyse and report on data as needed

Multi-vendor device support, flow-based reporting, flow navigation and top talker optimisation tools make for easy analysis of networks. The ability to create in-depth reports with a few clicks allows you to make informed decisions.

Solarwinds VOIP and Network Quality Manager

Proactive VOIP and WAN monitoring and troubleshooting.

SolarWinds VOIP and Network Quality Manager tool gives you the ability to monitor and troubleshoot WAN performance and VOIP call quality problems. SolarWinds have worked to provide users with the ability to monitor site to site WAN performance using Cisco IP SLA technology.

Set could not be easier as the Network Quality Manager automatically discovers Cisco IP SLA enabled network devices and deploys in less than an hour, set up is done with a few mouse clicks and could not be easier.


Key Features Benefits
Monitor VOIP Call Performance Monitor and analyse call performance

SolarWinds VOIP and Network Quality Manager allows you to monitor the performance of VOIP calls by analysing call detail records generated by Cisco and Avaya communication managers.

Troubleshoot VOIP Call Performance Troubleshoot call performance when you need to

Advanced troubleshooting technology allows you to correlate individual call performance with corresponding network performance metrics.

Search & Filter Call Detail Records Find what you are looking for easier than ever before

Search, filter and display call detail records as you need them to aid in the troubleshooting process.

VoIP & WAN Monitoring Dashboards At a glance, dashboards give you on the spot insights

Customisable dashboards provide thorough insights into all aspects of your VOIP and WAN performance through intuitive  LUCID web interface.

Solarwinds Network Topology Mapper

Easily plot your network in minutes with SolarWinds mapping software.

SolarWinds Network Topology Mapper takes the hassle out of network mapping. Making use of  unique multi-layer discovery techniques this platform automatically discovers your LAN or WAN. This then produces comprehensive, easy to view network diagrams that integrate OSI Layer 2 and Layer 3 topology data.

The simplicity and sophistication of the SolarWinds Network Topology Mapper gives you and your team near-instantaneous network topology visibility as the platform maps out your network in minutes.


Key Features Benefits
Auto-Discovery & Detailed Map Creation Uncover your network in minutes

SolarWinds Network Topology Mapper automatically discovers your entire network and works to create comprehensive network maps in minutes. Edit node details and connect network devices manually as you need.

Export Maps to Common Formats Share network maps easily

Export network maps to Microsoft Office Visio, PDF and PNG formats. Also, schedule updated map exports to Orion Network Atlas.

Network Regulatory Compliance Stay compliant

SolarWinds Network Topology Mapper allows you to address PCI compliance and regulations that require maintenance of your network diagram.

Multi-Level Network Discovery Discover all layers of your network

Perform multi-level discovery to produce integrated OSI Layer 2 and Layer 3 network mapping that also includes detailed device information.

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