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Protecting Organisations Credentials and Data

StealthBits helps to bridge the gap between data security and operations assisting with the identification of threats, data security and risk reduction. With digital data growing at an unprecedented rate it is especially important to pay attention to data security especially with rising cybercrime. Many organisations today deal with unstructured data resulting in lack of visibility across data access and use.

Organising data provides organisations with the capability to significantly increase their ability to manage and secure their data. Malicious threats against data can appear genuine especially without any context regarding the affected data. Structuring data greatly increases an organisations ability to protect and secure data, drastically minimising security risks. StealthBits provides numerous solutions to assist customer with data management and organisation.


  • StealthAudit – Provides visibility across data, know who has access to data and how they are using it.
  • StealthIntercept – Monitors changes and data access providing the ability to detect and block compromised accounts.
  • StealthDefend – Analyses user behaviour to identify malicious users, be alerted in real-time to reduce threat exposure.
  • StealthRecover – Enables point-in-time rollback and recover of AD objects, attributes and more ensuring reduced downtime.
  • StealthBits File Activity Monitor – Stores file access and permission changes on Windows file server and NAS devices providing increased visibility.

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