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Changing the Way People Express and Share their Ideas

Corel has been developing products in photo, video and office software, graphics and more since 1989. Over this time Corel has created award-winning products and has earned a high reputation. Through their online community they have connected with their customers to improve products and to help users all over the globe.

Corel has many products to offer, they have something for every project and business. There is CorelDRAW for the creative graphic designers, WinZip for the businesses who need to protect and share files and MindManager for the customers who need to brainstorm and share ideas.

CorelDRAW is also perfect for users of Adobe, there are guides in place to help Adobe users make the most of CorelDRAW. You can find more information about this below. These three programmes are popular and will make any business run more efficiently and successfully.

CorelDRAW 2019 is the latest graphic design program. You can have all the tools you love with the new program and more. There is now a new tool called LiveSketch that allows you to draw your ideas and be creative without having to sketch and scan first. CorelDRAW is cutting-edge technology that will bring your designs, graphics and photos to life easily.

Key Features Benefits
Easy to Use Start working straight away with high quality, helpful guides.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017 can be used by anyone whether you are using it for the first time or are experienced. There is a start-up tour to help you learn all the basics as a guide to transitioning from Adobe to CorelDRAW.

LiveSketch Tool Device and Pen Compatible

The new CorelDRAW features a LiveSketch tool that can be used with a device and pen. You can instantly draw to capture ideas straight away. This tool allows you to be more creative than ever before. You can also refine photos more efficiently with better results.

CorelDRAW Community Discuss and Share Creative Projects

The new CorelDRAW features a LiveSketch tool that can be used with a device and pen. You can instantly draw to capture ideas straight away. This tool allows you to be more creative than ever before. You can also refine photos more efficiently with better results.

Compatibility Work Easily Across File Types

CorelDRAW offers file compatibility for PDF, Microsoft and Adobe programmes Photoshop and Illustrator. You can also import and export files in over one hundred formats.

Diverse Licensing Adaptible Licensing to Suit Individual Organisations

CorelDRAW is available for education, not-for-profit and commercial organisations.

WinZip is the world’s best compression software. You can zip, manage, protect and share your files quickly and simply. It is a file manager that suits all needs. With WinZip you can protect files with encryption, connect to storage like Dropbox, zip files to reduce the attachment size and you can unzip all file formats. WinZip is perfect for all organisations require secure communication and encryption. Whether you have a small or medium size business WinZip can help. WinZip is available in Standard, Pro and Enterprise with higher tiers more suitable for organisations requiring increased security and compliance. Speak with our Enterprise Software team to learn more about which version is right for your organisation.

Key Features Benefits
Supports All Major Formats One Tool to Zip Everything WinZip supports all major formats including Zip, Zipx, RAR, 7Zip, Bz2, LHA/LZH, VHD, XZ and more.
AES Data Protection Enterprise Level Security WinZip enforces AES encryption (128- and 256-bit) providing enterprise ready compliance.
File Sharing Share Files Securely Share and manage files securely on-premise and in the cloud. WinZip supports PDF conversion, image resizing and more.
WinZip Courier (Add-On, included with Enterprise) Integrated Encryption into Email  Supporting Microsoft Outlook, Gmail and more, WinZip Courier can enforce encryption on all mail attachments and more.
MindJet MindManager assists with mind-mapping, brainstorming and problem solving in the corporate environment. MindManager empowers teams to plan projects and complete them more efficiently and successfully. Ideas and data are ineffectual when scattered and disconnected slowing down worker efficency and reducing innovation. MindManager provides a platform to link scattered and disconnected information compiling it into a structured, interactive visual map that’s easily digestible.

Key Features Benefits
Pre-Made Templates No Steep Learning Curves MindManager includes several pre-made templates ranging from timelines, strategy outlines, project plans, brainstorms and more.
Map Sharing Easily Share Maps with Anyone Exporting maps to HTML5 allows anyone with a browser to view maps created with MindManager.
Keep Work Organised Work Efficiently Capture all project information in one place with MindManager. Track deliverables, due dates, priorities, resources and more in an easily shared MindMap.
Centralised Knowledge Ingegrates with SharePoint, Office and More With wide-scale integration with popular platforms, MindManager can visualise information across multiple SharePoint sites and more.

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