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Nagios: Revolutionizing IT Monitoring for Modern Enterprises

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, maintaining reliable IT infrastructure is paramount. Nagios is a pioneer in IT infrastructure, application, and cloud monitoring.

Nagios empowers businesses to anticipate problems, prevent financial losses, and safeguard reputations. Their solution continually assesses networks, servers, applications, and cloud environments.

Nagios solutions are tailored to your need for diverse IT landscapes, whether on-premises, virtualised, or cloud-based; offering a holistic view eliminates blind spots, empowering IT pros to optimise performance, allocate resources efficiently, and foresee obstacles.

Beyond issue identification, Nagios equips businesses with decision-enabling insights through intuitive dashboards, real-time alerts, and historical analysis. This fosters strategic planning, resource optimisation, and enriched customer experiences.

In the realm of cloud computing, Nagios is a trusted ally. It integrates seamlessly with major cloud platforms, providing clear cloud-based resource visibility without compromising flexibility.

Nagios is the steadfast guardian of enterprise IT. Its comprehensive monitoring minimises downtime, maximises efficiency, and optimises resources. Over 10,000 commercial customers and countless community users have trusted Nagios to monitor their environment.

Nagios Solutions

Nagios XI

  • Powerful monitoring solution, providing efficient, scalable monitoring.  Nagios XI monitors all mission-critical infrastructure components, including applications, services, operating systems, network protocols, system metrics, etc.  Nagios XI has over 70 wizards and additional configuration options using the Nagios Exchange.  Our license pricing is per node, not per check, providing a much more affordable option for all environments.  With customisable dashboards, make it your own.

Nagios Log Server

  • Nagios Log Server simplifies the process of searching your log data.  Set up alerts to let you know when potential threats arise or query your log data to audit any system quickly.

Nagios Network Analyser

  • Network Analyzer provides an in-depth look at all network traffic sources, bandwidth utilisation and potential security threats.

Nagios Fusion

  • Nagios Fusion provides organisations with multiple geographical, separated teams with the visibility to identify and solve problems quickly.

Unlock IT Success with Nagios through Aquion: Your Exclusive ANZ Partner.

As Nagios’s exclusive distributor in Australia and New Zealand, Aquion proudly empowers regional organisations. Trust our proven track record to optimise your or your customers’ IT infrastructure and achieve unmatched success. Contact us today to revolutionise your or your customers’ IT operations with Nagios.