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CensorNet Multi-Factor Authentication (formerly SMS PASSCODE)

Verizon data Breach Investigations (2016) reported over 60% of network breaches were initiated using weak or stolen user credentials. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) adds an additional layer of security by requiring users to validate their identity when logging in via additional methods. CensorNet MFA supports authentication via SMS, app, voice-call and email providing flexibility to suit a variety of organisational requirements.

CensorNet takes into consideration additional details at point of login such as session ID, network IP, geo-location, system and device used and many more to determine the level of trust and whether a user should be authenticated or blocked. This method provides significant improvements over traditional two-factor authentication methods which authenticated users based solely on their login details and a one-time password (OTP).

Keep Your Systems and Data Safe with Multi-Factor Authentication


Key Features Benefits
One-Click Integration to Microsoft AD and LDAP Store Easy to Implement and Add New Users

With support for Microsoft AD and any LDAP store without schema changes or extensions CensorNet MFA makes it easy to implement and add new users.

All passcodes generated in real-time No Seed Files or Pre-Issued Passwords

Unlike other solutions CensorNET MFA only issues a OTP once the users login details are verified. This results in real-time generated OTP which means no pre-issued passwords and no seed files to be hacked.

Automatic Failover Guaranteed Delivery of OTP

CensorNet MFA supports sophisticated failover mechanisms which can adapt to different OTP delivery methods.  Based on contextual conditions such as user location, CensorNet MFA can switch between different OTP delivery methods.

Adaptive User Authentication Adaptive Security Protocols Based on User Context

CensorNet MFA can be configured to dynamically change security levels based on user context.  For example, a user at home, a pre-established safe zone, may not have to enter an OTP.