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Passwords alone are an unreliable method of authenticating users. Aquion provides additional means to make sure that only the right users get secure connectivity to corporate networks and applications, whether on premise or in the cloud.

For over a decade Aquion has have provided Multifactor Authentication solutions that are more secure than hardware tokens while being easy to use.

Crossmatch, the world’s leading biometric security vendor supplies Digital Persona fingerprint readers to the ANZ marketplace via a Distribution Agreement with Aquion. Tens of thousands of these rugged and easy to use devices are deplyed in Government, Healthcare, Retail, and Fast food outlets within Australian and New Zealand.

Aquion has also provided Legal, Healthcare, Government, and other organisations with the most secure and easiest to implement multifactor authentication from CensorNet (formerly SMS Passcode). This solution is both session and time based and therefore not subject to man-in-the middle attacks.

CensorNet MFA provides an optimal balance between security and usability offering a solution which is quick and easy to integrate, deploy and manage. Customers appreciate the usability of Censornet while having a multitude of options to enhance employee security access.

For customers requiring strong authentication plus Single-Sign on, we provide solutions from BioKey and Tools4Ever.

Call our Business Development Managers to discuss your employee authentication/access requirements and the options that are available to you from Aquion.