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The Predictive Advantage. Achieved via Perpetual Prevention.

Cylance provides a solution that identifies threats and analyses them before they appear in the wild – on average 25 months in advance (per SE Labs). They’ve stopped tens of millions of potential attacks with a system that is continually learning… and continually getting better.

Their unique artificial intelligence (AI) approach – predicting and protecting against known and unknown malware, fileless attacks and zero-day payload execution – has been deployed for more than 3,400 forward-thinking customers securing 14.5 million endpoints.

To merely respond is costly. You lose data. You lose infrastructure. You lose human and capital resources that could be productive elsewhere. When you catch threats before they execute, you contain the problem. You win, and the rewards add up.

How the Technology Works

Profile Billions of File Samples

Cylance’s advance AI creates profiles of basic aspects and file behaviours providing an intricate and comprehensive perspective to be evaluated and reviewed.

Exhaustive File Appraisal

For each file 2.7 million points are considered in a matter of milliseconds, without opening or executing a potential threat – without endangering device or data.

Determines If a Threat Is Present

Machine learning qualifies the presence or absence of features for each of these 2.7 million points, generating a score that will determine the nature of the file.

Quarantines the Threat

Reduce downtime. Cylance’s AI quarantines files it identifies as threats, allowing security professionals to review individual files, without taking whole devices or networks offline.

Why You Should Partner with Aquion


  • Aquion was Cylance’s first Australian partner. We can communicate the benefits that can be gained from using AI and machine learning in the protection of enterprises from malware. We have helped several large Australian enterprises benefit from Cylance’s superior protection and malware identification capabilities.


Generations of Machine Learning in Cybersecurity

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We are Aquion

Innovative and emerging vendors have chosen to partner with Aquion to enter the Australasian marketplace since 2000.

Our vendor-trained sales and technical professionals have established beachheads for major Cyber security vendors in Oceania.

Our technical consultants have delivered business critical software solutions to manage monitor and secure Banks, Insurance, Telco, Government, and Healthcare enterprises.

Our procurement services and software annuities teams have the sourcing and licensing knowledge to assist businesses to get the right software on time.

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