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Globalscape is a leader in the provision of solutions to provide secure transfer of data from person to person, machine to person and machine to machine. Since developing CuteFTP over 20 years ago, Globalscape has built a suite of modular and scaleable offering to meet all secure file sharing requirements.

Aquion represents Globalscape In Australia and New Zealand and over our long history working with Globalscape Aquion has cultivated some of the most experienced Globalscape consultants in Australia, making us Australia’s premier reseller of managed file transfer solutions.

Globalscapes solutions can be used to provide secure email based file transfer, provide an alternantive to cloud based Shadow IT solutions, through to managing high levels of batch based transactions been banks and insurance companies and their business partners. Both on premise and cloud based solutions are offered.

Aquion has supplied Globalscape software to hunderds of ANZ enterprises inclusing Insurance, Government, Banking, Utilities, Mail Houses and many more.

While Aquion has been in the file transfer market for some time managed file transfer solutions have only recently entered the essential security toolset spotlight. Aquion has experienced technical consultants who have been involved in numerable successful pre-sales and implementation projects across a variety of organisations ranging from SMB to enterprise as well as government, commercial and education.

Globalscape offers an exceptionally scalable solution both in terms of organisational size and features. Globalscape is available in both Enterprise and Express options with SMB customers free to scale up to enterprise level if required. Feature-wise Globalscape offers modules providing access to advanced features as needed by the customer. This presents significant cost savings by providing a tailored solution to meet the specific requirements set by each organisation.


Globalscape Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) Enterprise

An award-winning, best-in-class managed file transfer solution.

Designed to provide optimal operational efficiency Globalscape EFT Enterprise features quick and intuitive deployment with advanced automation capabilities, real-time visibility into data transfers and many more features.

According to Ovum Research 57% of organisations use dated gateway technologies significantly increasing security risks by remaining outdated as the threat landscape continues to evolve. With digital communication set as the new communication standard using outdated file transfer technologies will severely increase security risk as day-to-day productivity becomes vulnerable.

Additionally, the inefficiencies inherent in older technologies can progressively slow down business processes reducing communication efficiency and increasing day-to-day business costs.

Read more about Globalscape EFT Enterprise.


Globalscape Enhanced File Transfer Express

Scalable, Affordable Security, Customised For Your Business.

Small-to-medium businesses looking to enhance their file transfer security can rely on Globalscape EFT Expressto securely manage file transfers ensuring data remains secure during both transport and storage. EFT Express was designed to ensure SMB organisations have options to scale both feature wise and in size.

EFT Express is based on a modular platform ensuring the solution remains affordable to those requiring basic features. Organisations requiring advanced automation capabilities can add modules to workflow automation requirements. Additional modules can provide features ranging from SFTP and HTTPS transfers to web-based transfer client, mobile transfer client, automation events such as folder monitor & scheduled transfer and copy/move/download actions.

Key Features Benefits
Automate Data Processes Increased Daily Productivity and Overall Operational Efficiency.

Utilise custom commands to execute programs, scripts and batch files providing limitless flexibility.

Add additional modules such as folder monitor, timer and file transfer client module to further enhance workflow automation.

Built-in Security Features with Additional Optional Security Modules Meet Security and Compliance Requirements

Comply with industry and government regulations using built-in security protocols from EFT Express. Standard, non-proprietary protocols ensure any authorised customer or employee can connect to EFT Express.

Additional modules such as SFTP and HTTPS can further enhance organisational security.

Access from Anywhere Secure File Transfer on the Move

Access and share files securely from anywhere using browser-based and mobile clients. Share files between internal and external users without sacrificing organisational security.

Use the workspace module for EFT Express to support customised workflow automation, the only MFT solution with this capability.

Globalscape Enhanced File Transfer Arcus

EFT Arcus is a SaaS MFT solution for organizations that are looking for the agility, elasticity, and cost savings the cloud provides. Reduce the complexity of your file transfer infrastructure, increase operational efficiency, and protect your most important data using our secure managed file transfer cloud service.

With Globalscape MFT cloud service you can:

  • Automate data exchanges between people and systems
  • Gain visibility into the movement of data
  • Replace legacy or homegrown file sharing systems
  • Securely share files internally or externally
  • Facilitate compliance with regulations like SOX, FIPS, HIPAA, and PCI DSS among others.

EFT Arcus Benefits

With EFT Arcus, you get all of the benefits of a secure managed file transfer solution with the flexibility and affordability of the cloud. Reliable and scalable, this secure cloud MFT platform is an elastic solution that can grow with your business. Because it can be quickly and easily deployed, EFT Arcus allows you to nimbly respond to your changing infrastructure needs. Save the time and resources that would normally be spent managing an on-premises system and reallocate them toward your business objectives.

EFT Arcus Features

EFT Arcus is a secure, full-featured, and enterprise-class cloud file transfer service. Whether you need to transfer files among employees, vendors, customers or business partners, this cloud MFT platform offers a centralized solution for all of your data movement activities.

Features include:

  • Multi-Protocol Support (including FTP, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS, SFTP and AS2)
  • Secure Person-to-Person File Sharing
  • Award-Winning Automation
  • Security and Compliance Monitoring

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