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Transform Data into Action and Empower IT Security

As the first Rapid7 partner in Australia Aquion takes great pride in our extensive knowledge across the Rapid7 product suite. Rapid7 was named a visionary in Gartner’s 2017 Magic Quadrant for Security Information and Event Management scoring the highest points amongst competitors for their ability to execute.

With vulnerability management solutions for infrastructure and applications as well as penetration testing and intrusion analytics, Rapid7 provides a suite of enterprise ready solutions to secure the modern infrastructure and application environment. Aquion’s long-term partnership with Rapid7 makes Aquion a premier provider of Rapid7 solutions in ANZ.

Rapid7 believes that effective security begins with good visibility into the overall IT infrastructure from the network to assets, vulnerabilities and of course threats. Rapid7 solutions provide visibility on infrastructure blind spots ensuring that all potential vulnerabilities are uncovered. With complete visibility over infrastructure security IT teams can operate at optimum efficiency reducing risk and preparing for the future.



Live Vulnerability Management and Endpoint Analytics.

InsightVM represents the future of renowned vulnerability management solution Rapid7 Nexpose. InsightVM makes several improvements over Nexpose ranging from data collection such as live data querying to remediation with features such as in-product remediation progress tracking. All this while maintaining the distinguished feature set of Nexpose.

Simplifying the entire vulnerability management process from identification through to remediation is possible with InsightVM leading to increase productivity and reduced risk exposure.

Empower IT teams to act decisively when threats arise while also providing them with the knowledge to think like an attacker.

Learn more about how InsightVM can assist organisations.



Detect intruders earlier in the attack chain.

Many IT teams are overwhelmed by the sheer number of alerts received from their security solutions. Filtering through and responding to these alerts can take a significant portion of the work day leaving little left over to focus on improving security operations. InsightIDR analyses attacker trends and leverages this data to distinguish authentic intruder activity which helps cut-through false alerts.
After identifying incidents in the environment InsightIDR will gather data from across the network and link events to specific users and assets, all this even before an investigation is even launched. This proactiveness provides IT teams with time saving convenience and ease to thoroughly catalogue evidence of discovered compromises.

As a cloud-based solution InsightIDR can be deployed quickly and easily so organisations can experience the benefits without expensive deployment costs. Security data gathered from across the network can be consolidated into a single view reducing the need to use multiple dashboards. Centralised data is much more easily analysed resulting in increased incident response times.

Key Features Benefits
User Behaviour Analytics Detect Fraudulent Employees

Reliably detect masked attackers by collecting baseline healthy user activity.  Modern attackers use employee credentials to move laterally between internal assets.

Log Correlation, Enrichment and Search Prioritised Searching

InsightIDR prioritises where to search by correlating daily events directly to users and assets and highlighting potential risk.  Empower your team with automated compliance without worrying about excessive hardware requirements.

Endpoint Detection and Visibility Broad-based Endpoint Protection

Using a blend of Insight Agents and Endpoint Scans, InsightIDR provides security teams with real-time detection across all endpoints in the network.  Even those off the corporate network.

Visual Investigation Timeline Streamlined Alerts

Spend less time investigating false positives and more time securing your infrastructure.  Customers report InisghtIDR’s Visual Investigation Timeline accelerates investigations by as much as 20x.

Deception Technology Heightened Monitoring Solution

InsightIDR uses traditional UBA and endpoint detection backed by intruder traps including honeypots, honey users, honey credentials and honey files.  Provide your team with the tools to identify malicious behaviour earlier in the attack chain.


Centralise, Monitor and Investigate IT Environments

InsightOps combines live endpoint visibility with log analysis providing total infrastructure awareness. Using the universal Insight Agent InsightOps automatically compiles and normalises data across entire IT environments. This provides a centralised location for logs which can be further organised with tags and critically analysed for potential issues in the environment.

IT teams working with InsightOps have more time to focus on issue prevention and remediation thanks to its ease and precision of tracking and asset management. REST API compatibility further enhances management automation and allows for easy integration into existing workflows and tech stacks.

Regardless of which device, network or server employees choose to use, InsightOps will provide continuous feedback on the IT environment status alerting admins to potential issues and assisting to provide quick and easy remediation.

Key Features Benefits
Visual Search Automatically Visualise Top Data Trends

Search queries are a thing of the past with automatic visualisation from InsightOps.  Drill in or out of datasets related to issues while InsightOps automatically builds search queries.

Endpoint Interrogator Gain Visibility Across Every Asset

Drill down into running processes, resource utilisation metrics and more on individual assets to monitor for potential issues. Interrogate assets to ensure software compliance and minimise security risks.

Live Streaming and Alerts Live Visibility Across IT Environments

Live-stream data from IT assets using the universal Insight Agent enabling visibility on issues in real-time.

Normalised Data Easy Data Analysis

InsightOps ensures that all inbound data is automatically normalised to a consistent format drastically improving data analysis ease.



Powerful, Simple Identification and Remediation of Application Vulnerabilities

Simplify application security testing with InsightAppSec. Based on proven Rapid7 Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) technology from appspider, InsightAppSec delivers the same premier application scanning tools with some major improvements. InsightAppSec is 100% cloud based increasing deployment speeds and delivering cloud based reporting and analytics.

InsightAppSec provides powerful application crawling & attack capabilities, flexibility in scan scope & scheduling and accurate results ensuring organisations can be confident with their application security. Flexible integration with ticketing systems such as JIRA further improve developer productivity and significantly improves assimilation into existing workflows.

Designed to meet the expectations of all business stake-holders InsightAppSec provides customised reporting ensuring relevant stakeholders have access to pertinent information. Application developers have access to interactive reports further enhancing their ability to diagnose a remediate application vulnerabilities.

Key Features Benefits
Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) and Universal Translator Industry Proven Application Risk Testing

DAST is Rapid7s’ proprietary industry recognised application security testing technology which is combined with Universal Translator in InsightAppSec. This ensures applications are thoroughly tested for vulnerabilities regardless of development technologies, formats and protocols.

Cloud Based with Optional On-Premise Scanning Get Up and Running in Minutes

Analyse results, generate reports and scan apps completely from the cloud. A lightweight scan engine is available to be deployed on-premise when internal or pre-production web applications require scanning.

Application Portfolios Manage Scans Across Multiple Instances

InsightAppSec automatically organises scan configurations and results into “apps” resulting in grouped scan instances which can be analysed in a single view. Scanning multiple instances of the same application has never been so easy.

Attack Replay Easily Reproduce Issues

When a static report does not provide enough information Attack Replay provides developers with the capability to reproduce issues in real-time. Attack Replay also increase remediation speed by allowing developers to immediately test fixes.


Validate Vulnerabilities, Increase Productivity and Improve Security Awareness

Starting as an open-source project in 2003 Metasploit quickly became a premier penetration testing framework known around the world. After being acquired by Rapid7 in late 2009 Metasploit has continued to grow and flourish with support for the open-source version continuing while features benefiting professional penetration testers and security engineers have been added to the commercial product.

Metasploit empowers security engineers by allowing them to stay ahead of potential attackers by simulating real world attacks submitted by a community of over 200 000 users and contributors. Use Metasploit to prioritise security defences and focus on the highest-level threats reducing security risk and improving security outcomes.

Metasploit Pro provides several advanced features designed specifically for penetration testers and IT security teams. These mainly focus around infiltration such as delivering dynamic payloads to evade anti-virus solutions but also include advanced automation and data collection features.

Key Features Benefits
Automated Penetration Testing Stay Productive

Metasploit empowers teams with automated penetration testing at all phases from choosing the right exploits to streaming lining evidence collection and reporting.  The time saved on penetration testing is time invested in digging deeper into your network.

Test Your People Real-world Attack Simulation

Unfortunately, people are often the weakest link in the security chain and attackers know this.  Metasploit creates practical attack simulations such as cloned websites, phishing campaigns and masked malicious files for USB drop campaigns.

Test with Success, Regardless of Experience Accessible Penetration Testing

Metasploit offers a complete accessible pen testing solution regardless of your security teams expertise in the area.  The Metasploit Framework features easy-to-use interfaces and launch & reporting wizards.

Gather and Reuse Credentials Ensure User Credentials Compliance

Catalogue and track gathered credentials for reporting.  Use Metasploit “credential domino wizard” to test credentials across systems in the network ensuring complete security compliance.

Tools for Pen Testing Pros Enhanced Tools for Next-Level Security

Metasploit Pro empowers security teams with VPN pivoting, antivirus evasion capabilities, instant reporting on progress and evidence and customer scripts in command line framework.

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