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Insider Security Threat Detection

In a recent 451 Research survey, insider threats ranked as the second highest cybersecurity concern and the fastest growing amongst organisations. More than 60% of cyber attacks are carried out by insiders of an organisation, and therefore the solution must allow customers the ability to detect and protect against such a prevalent security threat.

To address the ever-increasing threat Aquion has partnered with Veriato to provide intelligent, powerful solutions that give companies visibility into, and understanding of, the human behaviours and activities occurring within their network, making them more secure and productive.


  • Data Leak Prevention – Veriato User & Entity Behaviour Analytics identify meaningful anomalies in resource access and data movement — the type of deviations that occur during insider attacks.
  • IP Theft Prevention – Veriato creates a system of record of insider activity. Combined with our robust alerting and reporting, you gain the ability to detect and prevent IP theft.
  • High Risk Insider Detection – Gain insight into behavioural patterns and deep visibility into online activity of privileged users and at-risk insiders needed for a robust data protection strategy.
  • Insider Incident Response – CSIRT teams worldwide use Veriato to gain swift understanding of the size, scope, and severity of insider driven incidents, enabling rapid and accurate response.
  • Employee Investigations – Used every day to create the definitive record of user actions. Tested and proven reliable over and again, Veriato is the tool you need for eyes on glass investigations.
  • Workplace Productivity Solutions – Aggregate information on the day-to-day activity within your organisation, and use high-value reports to increase the top line and improve the bottom line.


Veriato 360

Veriato 360 is the most widely deployed and used employee monitoring solution in the world. The software captures accurate, detailed information that shows exactly what your employees and contractors are doing with the resources and accesses that you provide to them. You control what data is collected, and when. You control who can review the data. Powerful alerting, reporting, and search capabilities are designed to minimize the time spent looking for answers, and DVR-like playback eliminates grey areas. Whether you are seeking greater visibility to help you improve productivity, conduct a critical investigation, or make sure your important data is safe – Veriato 360 can help.

Key Features Benefits
Veriato 360 offers video playback on both Windows and Mac endpoints, as well as Android support for mobile monitoring – showing employee intent and proven to hold up in court. Provides at-a-glance visibility into the activity occurring in your company, combined with intuitive, powerful search capabilities that let you see exactly what happened in just a few clicks.
Collects data on online and communications activity, enabling you to gain a complete picture of an employee’s actions and the context they occurred in. No more grey areas. Granular control over what data is collected, when it is collected, and who can access and review it, protects employee privacy.
Scheduled reports and a comprehensive alerting capability minimizes the time spent in the console, while delivering the visibility and protection your company needs. Uniquely accurate record of application usage, data access and movement, and internet activity.

Veriato Recon

Veriato Recon is a User Behaviour & Entity Analytics Software that detects threats to data security from within the perimeter by monitoring user behaviour and alerting when actions contradict policies or vary from well-defined patterns.  Rather than focusing on protecting assets, Veriato Recon monitors user behaviour for indicators of compromise, recording and alerting when insider risk is elevated, enabling rapid interdiction, reducing false positives, and insuring actionable reporting.  Veriato Recon is designed for companies who have sensitive intellectual property, which if stolen or exposed poses risk to the company, and want to protect critical information without locking systems down so tightly that productivity is hindered.

Key Features Benefits
Uninterrupted monitoring of behaviour patterns of users and scanning for signs of an insider threat. Constant scanning for potential threats and fluctuations in user behaviour that may lead to a threat.
Applies machine learning and advanced statistical analysis to detect, prioritise, and alert on indicators of compromise by watching for anomalies in user behaviour. By focusing directly on the behaviour of insiders, Veriato Recon can isolate anomalies and alert on them immediately.
Employee activity logs are created and stored on the local machine where the activity is occurring for up to 30 days. To ensure the logs are safe and available, these employee activity logs are encrypted and obfuscated. The employee activity logs provide a comprehensive record of everything that an employee did before, during, and after an alert.